Folk across East Sussex will suffer from DGH downgrade

The DGH is the DISTRICT General Hospital. Why, then, do we only ever hear about what Eastbourne politicians think of the plans to downgrade the DGH and the Hastings Conquest?

The petition that has been launched should not only be seen on Eastbourne streets.

People are going to suffer from these cutbacks, from Ringmer to Rye, from Wadhurst to Wilmington.

For example, we seem to have heard nothing from our own Wealden MP. Surely he’s back from holiday, by now. A local newspaper should be chasing up the opinions of such people – not that it should really be necessary to chase them, if they were doing their jobs properly.

MPs are supposed to represent their constituents and one thing we can safely assume is that his constituents will be really worried about the DGH and the Conquest. Someone, somewhere, whether in local political party offices, or in the local press, needs to wake up.