Flying the flag for Fairtrade Fortnight

I AM sure many of Eastbourne’s residents have noticed the Union Jack flying over the Town Hall has changed colour.

If they look very carefully, they may recognise the international logo of Fairtrade.

The reason it’s flying is for Fairtrade Fortnight from February 28 to March 13 this year and is to help promote Fairtrade products and businesses particularly in our bid to become a Fairtrade town.

I urge everyone to buy Fairtrade whenever possible in a bid to provide fairer wages across the world.

The reason it is so important is that it helps the whole area to operate where the co-operative for the product is situated.

This means the extra money, the ‘Fairtrade premium’ that we pay for these goods ,is used directly by the producers for their needs such as building a local school or health centre.

That helps to ensure young people are better educated and helps the general health of the whole area.

The incredible thing is that because many women are involved in the co-operatives, it gives them a voice and allows them to be fully involved in decision-making in their area.

Many towns throughout the UK are involved in helping bring justice to poorer parts of the world, participating this year by ‘showing off their label’ and it would be good if we too could become a Fairtrade Town so that as well as literally flying the flag, we could fully embrace Fairtrade as well.

More details on the website which gives information as to how everyone can help towards Eastbourne joining all those other towns throughout the country who have already achieved that status, many being along the south coast.

Christine Wilkins

Fairtrade Eastbourne

Glynde Avenue