Flawed public address system

MY wife and I were first time visitors yesterday, especially to see Airbourne 2011; we came for the whole day and arrived by train.

We chose to take advantage of Eastbourne Borough Council’s ‘exclusive seating’. The dreadful weather on, and the curtailment of the display were an obvious disappointment to everyone, ourselves included.

Our particular disappointment was that the air show commentary was completely absent on the promenade deck, so we were left completely unaware, hour by hour, of what was happening, or rather not happening.

The Civil Aviation Authority guidelines for air shows says the following:

r A public address system covering the spectator enclosures is essential.

r Such a system, when installed, must be audible throughout the whole area to which spectators have access.

r The commentator should be in a position where important messages or emergency information can be given to him for rapid broadcast to the public.

r Pre-scripted emergency messages covering major emergencies should be available.

I wonder why the borough council believes it can reasonably take £12 per head, plus 20p for each visit to the toilet, for such a poor un-informed location?

We really do think a public address system should have been available for information and safety purposes.

Peter Banton


Chipping Campden