Five Acres should remain just that....

I HAVE never written to the paper before but feel so incensed by what is proposed for Five Acre Field.

I live in Princes Road and if the plans go ahead we will all suffer - as will house prices. Who wants to live by a fairground among other things?

The litter will increase - we already find KFC and McDonalds packaging everywhere as well as beer cans and bottles. The noise from generators as well as tannoys will affect everyone living near by, we won’t be able to enjoy our gardens in the summer.

The traffic will be a nightmare as well as the parking. We already have a huge issue with this, especially when there are events on as people don’t want to pay so they line the streets in front of our houses and walk?

The type and volume of people will increase and at the moment we have already had a spate of car vandalism on the road, all reported to the police to no avail. Will they increase the number of uniformed officers? I don’t think so.

Selling of alcohol and food will increase the litter which will lead to more vermin. When the new houses were built there was a huge problem with rats, this will only get worse by the litter and food strewn about.

Five Acres should remain just that, a field in which the residents can enjoy playing with their children and walking their dogs and flying their kites - all of which we are entitled to.

The odd car park and event we can all put up with. We do not need nor do we want fairs and circuses on our doorsteps.

We don’t want the noise, litter, or yob culture that is associated with festivals and the like. Try putting it on the local MPs doorstep instead, see how he likes it.


Princes Road