Firefighters to the rescue

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I AM an 83-year-old widow living alone. On December 4, when turning one of my light switches on, I got a shock and the switch itself was red hot.

I called out the fire brigade and they were with me within moments. The switch was burning behind, and live.

I could not have had more attention from a friendly and helpful crew.

All of my overhead lighting was put out of action, but so as not to leave me in the dark, the firemen were able to put a standard lamp by my chair and one in the kitchen. I couldn’t have had more care, also from my leasehold company and the electrician who came to me on the Monday for four hours.

I would urge all people to get help if they think something is wrong, you won’t be made to feel a nuisance.

I now have all of my overhead lighting and the hole on my wall I will learn to live with.

V.R. Mison

Selwyn Road