Find me funds and volunteers

HAVING read Sam Reid’s lengthy list of what needs improving in Eastbourne, I sought to discuss practicalities with him, but could not find his telephone number in the directory.

Perhaps the Herald would be so kind as to permit me to take up a little space.

As one of the items mentioned was the lack of regeneration in Seaside Road properties, this seems a good starting point as I own one of them.

I want to invite Sam Reid and others concerned with improving our town to come and see what has been done so far.

As a man who never had more than £60 a week in my pay packet and is now managing on little more than the basic pension, I have had to use my lifetime savings to establish a museum/art gallery for residents and visitors to visit.

We are encouraged by the fact tourism literature gives us status as one of the attractions of the town, including official signposts, the national press has written complimentary articles and international Art World magazine describes it as “one of the most fascinating exhibitions in the UK”.

Our visitor’s book is crammed full of glowing compliments from all over the world.

However we have a major problem; we have never charged for admission, and our funds are now very low, because visitors contribute only pennies when we need pounds in our donation’s box.

We are open every day until the sautumn, except Sundays and Mondays.

Without funds to pay staff, we are dependent on volunteers, and despite being 96 years old, with health problems, I still need to find transport to attend the museum to help myself.

If Sam Reid can find me funds and volunteers my team would be encouraged.

After all, I am sure that everyone would like to see improvements in Eastbourne.

George Musgrave

Musgrave Museum

Seaside Road