Final push to achieve victory


From: Michael Harris

South Cliff

I, with hundreds of others, felt privileged to see the Oscar-nominated film Darkest Hour currently showing in Eastbourne and featuring Gary Oldman in a superb performance as Winston Churchill.

It reminded all how, through Project Fear in the 1940s, ministers such as Neville Chamberlain, Lord Halifax and many others were prepared to capitulate before the battle for our country had begun in earnest.

But driven by Churchill and the will of our nation success was ultimately ours. When leaving the cinema I overheard one couple say “I hope they show this film in every cinema in France and Germany” – words with considerable meaning.

Currently we are about to enter stage two of the Brexit negotiations and despite the more recent ‘Project Fear’ having proved to be nothing other than just that, we still find that the democratic will of the people is being sneered at as though a referendum never took place. We have a collection of has-beens as Adonis, Blair, Cable, Clarke, Clegg, Heseltine, Major, Mendelssohn and others who do nothing other than offer belittling, derogatory criticism to an extent that, in another century, they may well have been sent to The Tower. In turn they are aided and abetted by a pathetic group of part-time Lords. The remainer’s lament sounds no more than an out of tune piece of Baroque music.

As in 1940, what is needed now is a vigorous united effort in order to make the final push to achieve great success and a joint victory for the future of the UK and for Europe, providing they act in a reasonable manner. A desire to punish us at every step of the way and not accept the will of our people is solely as a result of their own ‘Project Fear’ which falls within the general European Union concept, constantly stressed by France and Germany, of not allowing the population of European member states to have a democratic voice.

But once again a Project Fear will prove to be of no concern in reality.