Filling county in on potholes

IN THE last two editions of the Eastbourne Herald you have featured an article on Councillor Shuttleworth’s idea regarding mending potholes.

He is of course right that we have a lot of potholes, mostly caused by the extreme weather conditions. However, at the recent full council meeting where this idea was discussed the following emerged.

The Lib Dem ward councillors for both Hampden Park and Old Town were able to give a long list of roads where potholes exist - Councillor Hearn, from Hampden Park, was even able to produce photos she had taken of roads in her ward with potholes.

Amazingly, none of the Lib Dem councillors in all wards apart from St Anthony’s had bothered to report these potholes.

It is easy to report potholes, even on line with East Sussex County Council’s website.

Councillor Ungar even suggested it was not in their role to do so and even expounded an idea the county should provide a person to drive round all the roads of East Sussex presumably and identify the potholes.

So, good residents of Hampden Park and Old Town – may I respectfully suggest you need to report potholes yourself as your elected representatives will not be doing so as they don’t believe it is their job.

Sandie Howlett

Deputy leader, Conservatives,

and Ratton ward councillor