Filling a hole in the jobs market?

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AS A retired person with full knowledge of Filching Quarry and the footpaths bordering the quarry, I think that the people of Filching should stop and think about what is on offer.

The site is run by a small family company who will create extra jobs during the next five years after which the quarry could be turned back into parkland and the freehold of the land handed over for local community use.

At the moment, trucks are running many miles to get rid of inert material from the Eastbourne area, causing greater pollution than if the material were used to infill Filching Quarry to enable it eventually to be returned to parkland and wildlife habitat.

I think that the residents of Filching are forgetting that vehicles will not be travelling through their village, where the road is at its narrowest.

And as I drive through East Sussex, there are many roads narrower, if not just as narrow, where I see lorries wider and longer passing through.

The alternative to this work is to have a gaping hole in the South Downs that would never go away.

James Wilson

St Lawrence Way

Sovereign Harbour