Fifty years of the Red Arrows

Red Arrows new tailfin to mark 50th anniversary
Red Arrows new tailfin to mark 50th anniversary


A great town to live in

We, residents of Eastbourne, are very blessed to live in this lovely town which offers so much to all categories of people. If anyone needs help we have People Matter, the Seaside Advice Centre, CAB and many more. We have a well set-up reference library with newspapers to read and helpful computer assistants and so much more. For students there is a big choice of places to study. For the older person there is so much on offer - no-one needs to be lonely or to suffer cognitively if they partake in some of the activities on offer at Age Concern and those run by local churches. However, my regret is that so many people of all ages are negative when there is so much to be positive about.

We have had the most traumatic weather (but nothing compared with the rest of our country) but we surely must make the most of the glimpses of blue sky and sunshine and go to the seafront. I know many people who rarely see the sea; they may as well live in Manchester or Birmingham. Go and take yourselves for a good walk along our wonderful promenade and enjoy a cup of tea at Holywell cafe and give someone a smile to brighten up their day.


Commercial Road


Heading for a disaster

I am the only person in the county that has attended all the core strategy examinations that have taken place. Wealden are ahead of the rest, and have started building in Hailsham and Hellingly, if this is an example of what’s to come across the county we are heading for a disaster.

I have a number of complaints regarding the quality of the houses to the degree some owners want the developer to buy back the property, I have been told on one estate the homes won’t last 25 years, many can’t park, and emergency services can’t get through because other residents parking, mainly because the planning department have not given enough thought to the matter. Some were not told of the sewage works off Battle Road, now are complaining about this. There is a sewage problem in some areas; we should put a stop to this vandalism until this issue are resolved.

I have been told they even want to build on the Pevensey flood plains. The transport system is not working yet no one seems to bother about this. I am told by one of Wealden officers that Wealden doesn’t sign off the developments, but I was under the impression the local authority checks the development at various stages, again I want an answer.

There is at the moment a consultation on site applications, not much point in that when developers are allowed to overrule the council.

With all the flooding we are experiencing there should be more of a design where we build off the ground and have more of a community layout so residents could have removable inside walls to enlarge or reduce the size of the accommodation.

Have a school within the development in order to save traffic on the school run.

I am putting together a report to make a case before we destroy what is left of our countryside, and want to put a stop on any future developments until these issues are sorted.

We have people moving from the London councils, breaking up the gang culture, so they reform in Hailsham and Hellingly; schools are unable to take the local genuine people from this bad planning that has been passed by Wealden District Council.

If anyone knowingly has information regarding bad planning or bad quality of new houses please get in touch. E-mail or write to 6 Fairfield Herstmonceux, BN27 4NE,

May I also invite you to visit my website


ESCC, Hailsham and Herstmonceux

Vapour trails

Can a plane buff help?

Walking into town on Thursday February 13 at 9.45am I heard, and through a gap in the cloud spied vapour trails of a large jet and several other trails of presumably smaller jets, heading in a south-westerly direction. Can any aeroplane enthusiast confirm – or did I just imagine it?


Lewes Road

stormy weather

Thanks to the work people

To the work persons:

Has anyone considered how many dedicated workers carried on day and night to restore and keep our services going through the awful weather? Those restoring power lines, emptying our dustbins, postmen, even traffic wardens, street cleaners etc. the list is endless. We take so much for granted, but these gallant souls kept on day and night.

A heartfelt “thank you” to you all, making life for us secure and safe.


Spencer Road

town centre

One of our prettiest roads

With its outdoor seating and shady trees Cornfield Road is currently one of the prettiest roads in the town centre, a pleasure to walk along. Please, please don’t turn it into a diesel alley.


Hartington Place

eating out

Great stuff at tea rooms

What a pleasure! I really mean that because, on the recommendation of two friends of ours, Joan and I had a coffee in the Cornfield Tea Rooms. Great stuff! Pleasant staff, attractive cups and saucers, instead of the all too usual mugs which about everywhere, and even seating that took me back in some way to more friendly and unhurried times. We can no longer say, “Fancy a cuppa?” but “Fancy a mugga?” has rather nasty connotations. Anyway I’m glad we went (we get out very seldom these days) and I hope that more folk wil cross the threshold and enjoy good coffee and lovely scones, they won’t be disappointed. It’s only a few yards along from the Tourist Information Centre, after all.


Hill Road


Wonderful memories

I read the paper each week, and am sad to see so many letters reflecting doom and gloom. However, at the same time, I am fascinated by the photos and stories of Eastbourne past, during WWII, and all the energy poured into our town. Most of us who live here love Eastbourne. It is a wonderful place to live, with our elegant sea front, the Downs and the peace. As a relative newcomer, I am lucky enough to live very close to Manor Gardens and Gildredge Park. Now that The Eastbourne Dog Show is coming to Gildredge Park (August 10) I’ve been thinking the old horse show that used to be held there. I wonder if any readers have memories or photos of the horse show that they would be willing to share? Please, if you have photos or postcards of the park, or gardens, in the past, share them with us. We can be contacted at or at The Friends of Manor Gardens and Gildredge Park, 19 Park Close, BN20 8AG.