Festive cheer from our traffic wardens AKA the Blue Meanies

On Christmas Eve, I witnessed one of the town’s parking wardens (AKA the Blue Meanies) issue a parking ticket to a motorist who had overstayed their welcome.

But before anyone gets on their high horse about how this was not in the spirit of Christmas, the ticket in question was of a different nature. I was stood waiting to buy my ticket to park in Hyde Gardens. It was about 3.15pm (being a bloke this was of course prime time for Christmas shopping).

In front of me a parking warden stood at the machine. I watched as he put his hand in his pocket and bought a ticket. Thinking to myself how odd this was I watched as he took the ticket over to a silver Renault and put it under the windscreen wiper. He then walked away as if nothing had happened.

The ticket inside the car had expired and he had given them extra time from his own pocket rather than issue a fine.

He could have done his job, given them a fine and possibly ruined their Christmas. Instead he showed some real Christmas spirit and showed some real Christmas cheer by buying them that ticket.

PHIL WOOD, Summerlands Road.