Feral attitude to Brexit debate in Eastbourne lets us all down

Brexit debate
Brexit debate

From: Eleanor Dudley

Trinity Trees

I notice with growing alarm the aggressive division of opinions on Brexit in Eastbourne.

It is both worrying and depressing and does nothing to encourage good community relations.

When people deface or vandalise the offices of political representatives, they are showing no respect – and a disregard for democracy in general. Putting stickers all over a building because you don’t like what they have to say is not a good enough reason not to charge the guilty offender.

It does very little other than create additional cost to the taxpayer who has to foot the bill.

A vote was taken on leaving the EU.

The country voted with a majority to leave.

The Government has a mandate to carry out the wishes of that vote – targeting politicians who are trying to do so is disgusting and an indication of the feral, anarchic attitude of those who didn’t agree with the result of that vote – and think it is okay to create criminal acts of damage and vandalism.

We are a civilised country, known all over the world for our thoughtful and moderate temperament.

These people not only let themselves down – they let the country down too.