Fed up with the attitude of dustmen

When I was a young girl growing up in Eastbourne I remember my mum and dad used to tip the dustmen at Christmas.

Well, how times have changed, now dustmen don’t have the knowledge to think outside the box!

Let me give you an example: my dustbins were outside my house and they refused to empty my bin as they said that I had not “presented it.”

When I asked them to explain they said it had to be 2cm off the edge of my drive, well this is a joke as it was sitting to the left hand side and was clearly visible, otherwise I would not be able to get the car out of the drive. Just to make things even sillier they have now issued us with a recycle bin that again was not emptied as it was not “presented” correctly... really.

I have now decided to keep that bin in my garage and use it as storage, as if I presented both the bins at the same time I would not be able to put the car on the driveway.

Would be interested to know if anyone else is getting fed up with the bin situation in Eastbourne and the attitude of the dustmen.


Sovereign Harbour North.