Fascination over photograph

I WAS fascinated to see the photo of Warrior Square in the Eastbourne Herald on April 1 mainly because of the connection to my father’s family.

My grandparents lived at number 3 bringing up 11 children in that small house and my grandmother was a tenant in that house until she passed away at 90 years of age.

She lived in Warrior Square for more than 60 years and I was lucky to have lived there with my parents for the first three years of my life.

The flat roof always interested me as a young child as did the stone cottages behind the church. I used to disappear over to one of the cottages as one of the old ladies let me play with her fire bellows.

It is nice to know that there is still a family connection in the Square as my aunt still lives there and where they brought up their family.

I showed the article to my father who reminisced about the years he lived there and, as he is not in very good health at present, it was good for him and something to focus on. My father and his eldest sister are the only remaining members of the family who lived in number 3.

Janet Trusler

Seven Sisters Road

Lower Willingdon