Fares almost derailed our day

IT HAS always been the ambition of my wife to attend Prime Minister’s Question Time (which she follows avidly on television each week) at the House of Commons.

Being told such, this was kindly arranged by Stephen Lloyd last Wednesday, to be accompanied by the official tour of the Houses of Parliament and, at his personal invitation, a spot of lunch with him on the Terrace.

It was a marvellous day out for us which we both thoroughly enjoyed and wish to express publicly through this letter our personal thanks to our most thoughtful Member of Parliament.

Being a floating voter, talking with Stephen Lloyd that day and listening to his ideas as to what he has in mind regarding Eastbourne and Willingdon convinces me beyond any shadow of doubt that we have an exceptionally good constituency Member of Parliament who is also most caring and dedicated.

Irrespective of politics, I hope the Eastbourne and Willingdon constituency will have the good sense to keep him in post after the next General Election.

Unfortunately, the day was somewhat marred by the fact that, by necessity, the ‘anytime’ day return train fare between Eastbourne and London Victoria for two adults unbelievably now costs £111 (standard) and £166.40 (first class).

This is more than the average weekly State Pension and, in my view, is absolute extortion by Southern.

Thank you to Stephen Lloyd for providing such a lovely day. Come off it Southern for trying to mar it by charging this exorbitant and ridiculously high fare to two pensioners!


Church Street, Willingdon