‘Families are being squeezed hardest since 1920s’

LOCAL authorities are still priding themselves on encouraging safe cycling.

Well, one way of promoting that is to teach children to cycle safely. For several years, a “Bikeability” course has been available, free to year six primary school pupils.

The county council has just decided to make this course one of the victims of the Con-Dem government’s cuts.

From now-on, the course will only be free for pupils who qualify for free school meals. The rest will have to pay £16.

This may not sound like much, but families are currently being financially squeezed harder than at any time since the 1920s.

Here in Hailsham, we now have nothing but Tory town councillors and they are claiming that the local election results are a public endorsement of the government’s spending cuts.

If this one-party council is going to champion government policy like this, then people are going to have no doubt who to focus their anger on when more cuts inevitably come.

David J. Ellis, Martin Hillman

Hamelsham Court