Excellent service reduced

STAYING at Willingdon Park Drive I was impressed with the excellent timetabled bus service to Eastbourne with the Loop service running every 15 minutes and the 1A providing an additional service. I also liked the illuminated destination boards at Hampden Park and Eastbourne Stations.

Before November 28 the Loop ran every 12-and-a-half minutes but Stagecoach reduced the service to overcome poor timekeeping.

I would expect poor timekeeping when the bus has to cross the busiest level crossing in the UK at Hampden Park.

Despite the timetable change the timekeeping remains poor.

Often the illuminated destination boards simply say “refer to published timetable” or they show when the buses should be running and not when they are running.

The timetable at Lindfield Road was removed several months ago and has not been replaced.

In Dorset the illuminated signs are radio controlled from the buses and show how long you have to wait for the next bus.

Last month after queuing for 25 minutes in cold weather at Stand L at Eastbourne Station the Loop service appeared only to go to Stand M.

The 25 people at the stand surged forward only to be told that the bus had been taken out of service. A few minutes later another Loop service arrived and the people who had been waiting for 25 minutes lost their place in the queue. Stagecoach has now apologised for this.

I would suggest that Stagecoach reroutes the Loop to avoid Hampden Park Station and improves its communication to the level enjoyed by Wilts and Dorset passengers.

Robin Brasher