Excellent care from all the staff

OUR hospital is regularly in the local for some negative reason or another but upon having to stay in hospital for the first time recently due to a nasty ear infection I have to say I have nothing but praise for the facility.

I spent three nights on Glynde ENT ward, and being heavily pregnant at 40 weeks the usual treatments, pain management and practices had to be amended to ensure nothing harmed my baby!

The staff without doubt are what makes this ward so efficient and well run, even given the painful condition I was experiencing, I would go as far as to say it was actually pleasant to stay in.

The staff work tirelessly for 12-hour shifts, with almost every patient having a different condition and therefore a multitude of care needs.

But ALL the staff, from doctors to the catering staff, without exception, were continuously caring, friendly and made you feel as comfortable as possible.

Nothing was too much trouble and the extra mile several went to, to make sure I was OK was very touching.

This ward and the team that run Glynde should be commended by the Trust and management of the DGH – the level of care was nothing short of excellent.


Castle Bolton