Even in pain, life can be worthwhile

When I heard about the lady from Eastbourne who has decided life is no longer worth living and wishes to go to the assisted suicide clinic in Switzerland, it made me both sad and troubled.

I am young and don’t know what it is like to have bad arthritis (or failing eyesight, as I think I also read somewhere).

However, I would like to hope that where one is part of a loving community, loving and being loved in return, life can still be worth living and, more than that, full of joy, despite pain and difficulty.

I can imagine how in a care home, with no close relations, one might become lonely and isolated even with the best of professional care. By itself, I don’t see that this can ever replace a deep, loving relationship with another.

My hope in writing this letter is two-fold: that perhaps the lady with arthritis may see it and know that someone cares for her and what happens to her; or secondly that someone else in Eastbourne reads it, and somehow it ends up making a difference to this lady’s life.

And, in either case, that she will again see her (very precious) life as worth living.

Jonathan Waugh

Folders Lane, Burgess Hill