Environment Agency missing?

THE SEAFORD Beach and Seafront Exhibition that was run in the Crypt Gallery during a recent weekend was, in a nutshell, excellent.

It was so heartening, but not surprising, to see so many people take time to come along and give so many well thought out comments and general feedback.

It was particularly pleasing to see so many ‘old’ Seafordians reminiscing on how things used to be, and not so very long ago.

There is no doubt whatsoever the sorry condition of the beach and seafront strike a cord with many local people.

It was great to see the extent of involvement of several local schools in the displays, most, if not all, were fantastic and so well thought out.

The work also done by University of Brighton students was very professional and impressive.

All involved in putting this exhibition on are to be heartily congratulated, at last our beach and seafront are being given the wider publicity and debate so long overdue.

It was very disappointing that nobody from the Environment Agency attended the exhibition.

I do know that a representative was invited to the opening on Friday evening but as far as I am aware there was’s anybody there, which really was a great pity as we now have a much better rapport with them now.

As we know the official Environment Agency position is, still, to continue with the existing beach maintenance strategy of the last twenty five years.

Indeed, and more worryingly, it is still not seemingly publicly admitting to the perilous and hazardous state of the beach structure - I have photographs showing the lower section of beach over long stretches is now effectively washed completely away, which hopefully will help to convince.

With such a structure it is very possible the random water surge that exists at high tide when the water reaches the slope between the lower beach and upper beach will cause somebody to be swept out (as has already been witnessed).

Of course the other effect of this profile is the inevitably ever increasing slope between the two levels of beach which makes an insurmountable barrier for all but the fittest.

Lastly, the ability of this beach now to prevent a major flooding event must surely also be questionable.


Chair of the Friends

of Tide Mills,

Member of the Seaford Seafront Theme Group

and very concerned

beach user.