Effective railway vital for economy

II DOES not matter how much our hard-working MP and all the other ‘band of campaigners’, shout for faster links to Eastbourne. All they can hope for is small gains at someone else’s expense.

Cutting out stops denies services to others up the line; cutting the ‘split and join’ at Haywards Heath, reduces the half hourly service to an hourly service; robbing paths from Brighton commuters won’t be allowed either.

The fact is there is no more capacity, as the recent Network Rail ‘Route Utilisation Strategy’ made clear. You cannot get more trains through Balcombe and points north.

The news this week is the government now recognises the need for more investment in rail, albeit not in Sussex, or indeed, the south-east.

Once we accept that real money needs to be spent, The ‘Brighton Main Line 2’ scheme is one proposal on the table for increasing the capacity that does not rob Peter to pay Paul. It gives enormous benefits for other travellers as well as Eastbourne-Victoria commuters and builds on Coastway’s potential as a major South Coast route.

BML2 has been well researched and has already had the attention of the DfT Go to bml2.co.uk to see that here is a practical long term solution: replace the link from Uckfield to Lewes; add a tunnel to Falmer to run directly into Brighton. Upgrade the Wealden line and replace Eridge – Tunbridge Wells.

Add an innovative link east of East Croydon to Stratford.

An effective railway is vital for the economy and the environment. Let us all join the campaign.


Elm Grove, Hampden Park