Education crisis caused by cuts


From: Peter Rolfe

Devonshire Place

Stephen Lloyd MP writes he’s sad about the severe reductions to our music services.

I’m sure many agree with him but perhaps he could have predicted this reduction when his Coalition Government took the political decision to implement a policy of austerity. Cuts in public spending have resulted in a crisis in education which includes the music services. There’s also a crisis in health care, housing, policing, the fire service, prisons, the list goes on and on.

There have been well over a million visits to food banks, many by full-time workers. Average pay has fallen but the wealthiest 1 per cent have more than doubled their assets since Mr Lloyd’s party came to power in 2010. Although, not in power since 2015, the Liberal Democrats still support austerity.

He blames the Conservative run county council but they are strapped for cash because he and his party also voted for austerity and he shouldn’t try to evade his direct responsibility for this.