Eastbourne will flourish in the future

I WAS saddened to read the letter from a local resident on his thoughts and feelings about Eastbourne which are in no way the Eastbourne that I know and come to visit whenever possible usually when I am on holiday during the year.

While I fully admit that I do not live in the town, I am very surprised that the writer feels this way about the town where he lives.

I do not think that Eastbourne is a monstrosity of a town or a carbuncle.

The town has a lot to offer which does attract many visitors during the year and long may this continue.

There is plenty to do for young and elderly alike. Many people retire to Eastbourne as a result to enjoy the usually very clean town centre, clean and safe beach and seafront with what I think in the summer is a thriving pier with many attractions on and off the pier for residents, day trippers and millions of holidaymakers to enjoy.

The little train running along the seafront attracts many passengers during the summer.

The carpet gardens opposite are especially beautiful in the summer very well maintained and looked after by dedicated contracted gardeners overseen by the council.

The seafront is devoid of fast food outlets which many residents and visitors do not want to see along the seafront spoiling the views out to sea.

There are plenty of places to buy ice creams and refreshments during the high summer season.

I think speaking and thinking purely as a visitor there is beauty in Eastbourne with old well preserved buildings with many historic surroundings.

These buildings should not be altered or modernised in any way which would spoil the look of the town in my view.

Although Terminus Road, The Arndale Centre and Seaside may have many empty shops at the moment, this is the same for all towns, cities and even villages all over the country during these very tough economic times.

Businesses will return to the town when economic times become better which they will in the future.

Eastbourne cannot be compared to Brighton. I am sure that Eastbourne Borough Council wants to preserve the tradition of the town which many have come to love and enjoy over many years, with many continuing to return on a regular basis for holidays and day trips.


Rowan Avenue, Hove.