Eastbourne: the roadworks town

AGAIN, as last year, all accesses to Eastbourne from Hailsham and in Eastbourne itself have road works.

Last year it was 10 weeks in the centre of the town and caused havoc particularly for public transport.

Now again this time its gas repairs or the like with over half the main street in Eastbourne cut off with disruption and public transport having to re-route and change bus stops because of this work.

Outside the town the A22, and Ersham Road the two main tracks out of Hailsham to Eastbourne have road works or some description and so on its goes around the whole area of Eastbourne.

Just as Easter is upon us and visitors start to visit the town this occurs, could it not have been done prior the visitor season and could not gas, water and other highways get together and do the work at the same time or at least one after the other to avoid this long and constant disruption to residents and visitors.

At the moment Eastbourne is known as the Sunshine Town if this continuous it will become known as the Roadworks Town.

Come on councils, wake up and get your act together in the current climate you need visitors if this continues they will give Eastbourne a miss.


Bakers Farm Park, Upper Horsebridge.