Eastbourne: ordinary and non-descript

DEAR ME! What a lot of indignant and defensive people voicing their praise of Eastbourne which I have never heard described in such glowing terms before.

In the opinion of those who have lived here for many years and not necessarily by choice, the plain fact is that this town has undergone a complete change.

The changes started in the early 60s when properties of character along the Upperton Road were demolished to be replaced by row upon row of blocks of flats.

Quality shops have closed down and professional businesses have left the town.

Obviously changes take place everywhere and it is all to do with what one wants and expects from a town, some which change for the better.

Unfortunately Eastbourne is not one of them.

As for scenery here, promenades are all identical along the South Coast and I cannot see that this town is exceptional and different from other coastal towns.

Not ugly, just ordinary and non descript.

Brighton might be criticised by some but it does have better architecture and fine squares.

A fast train to London as well when there is a need to get away from it all!


St John’s Road