Eastbourne MP’s Brexit position is lacking credibility


From: John Lambert

Lindfield Road

I am afraid that Stephen Lloyd’s explanation of his present position is lacking credibility.

In 2015 he made a calculated decision to support Brexit based upon the fact that a majority of the voting public in Eastbourne were behind that position at the time.

It was a decision that he believed would gain him a few extra votes, it was made out of political expediency.

He is now in a difficult position of his own making as at the time he should have had the courage to stand up for his own beliefs and to say that he supported the remain option as it would best serve the interests of the town.

He has stated that he will vote for the PM’s widely discredited proposal for Brexit.

However, by voting against he would not be breaking his so-called pledge to Eastbourne as her shambolic plan is unpopular with both Leavers and Remainers.

Far from adopting an ‘honourable’ stance, his decision to rigidly ally himself to the Brexit camp two years ago was a wrong decision made for the wrong reason.

As for the notion that he keeps his promises, he was quoted in the Eastbourne Herald dated October 29 2007 as saying, ‘I can assure all voters in Eastbourne that if elected I will not serve in a David Cameron government’ and then in 2014 he duly accepted a post in the Tory-led government.

His recent resignation of the Lib Dem whip will now allow him freedom to vote for more Tory policies which are damaging our town, as he consistently did when serving in the coalition.