Eastbourne MP: I’m sorry we didn’t succeed over the DGH

There is no getting away from the fact that the DGH news just before Christmas – when we attended the HOSC (Health Overview Scrutiny Committee) meeting in Lewes at County Hall – was not good.

Liz Walke gave a brilliant summary of our position and our coach load of supporters was behind her every word.

Despite this, despite the incredible 36,000 plus people who signed the petition and in excess of 90 DGH consultants and 40 local GP’s being opposed the Trust’s proposals – the vote went 7 to 5 against.

A bitter disappointment and so very, very close.

Next steps: I am organising for representatives the cross-party Save the DGH team to meet with the Secretary of State, Jeremy Hunt, next week and we are also exploring the possibility of a Judicial Review.

However, I do not want to disguise that it was bad news. I am so sorry we didn’t pull it off.

Thanks though to the incredible support from across Eastbourne, Wllingdon and beyond.

To all the fantastic volunteers who manned the shops, to Bill Plumridge and Barry Reece the managers of the Arndale and Langney Shopping Centres respectively, who kindly gave the Save the DGH Team a shop on each site to collect the signatures; to Lynn’s Travel who gave us a coach to attend the HOSC meeting.

And finally; to all of you: The readers of the Herald who have been so incredibly supportive. Thank you.

STEPHEN LLOYD, Eastbourne and Willingdon MP.