Eastbourne is classic and will remain so....

IN RESPONSE to Malcolm Rasala and his letter on ‘Eastbourne Is Ugly’ I am forced to ask – do you write in Braille, sir?

It can be the only reason that you just do not see all around you. Yes I have travelled extensively and seen a lot but still....

To the delight of varying age groups (very young to elderly) that walk, jog, meander or just sit and devour the views along our seafront.

To seeing the glee of the children, the wagging tails of the dogs or the serenity of the parents is joyful!

To the lit up prom depicting our outstanding pier and walkways is a vision to behold.

The buildings are grandiose and hotels all make so much effort.

When the season begins I suggest you do sit yourself down with a cup of coffee at any of the coffee houses we are fortunate to have and watch & listen. (In your case close your eyes and absorb!)

The mixed culture and wonderful sounds of the students we attract that add an air of the continent, (the same as Brighton & Hove attract may I add!).

The chatter of families going about their business and workers grabbing a much earned bite to eat because they’ve been BUSY.

Fabulous buskers. An amazing flower stand with people queuing for ages...because they are good stock.

As is Eastbourne. Eastbourne is classic and I hope will remain so always.

Yes there are tatty parts of it, but nowhere near as tatty as some towns. Yes we could do with a few more shops but first we need to support the ones we have.

If George Clooney or any of the others you mention did come here I believe they would be enchanted.

Mr Rasala, we do not live in Cannes but we do live in this architecturally beautiful town called Eastbourne that the councillors try very hard to protect from the shambles of modern life but include where possible.

By the way, if this is God’s waiting room...what a fabulous room it is! (And I’m assuming I still have at least another 40-ish years to wait!)

If, when the spring arrives, you do get out and walk around and still find yourself loathing Eastbourne then perhaps Malcolm you could re-locate or Dubai maybe interested in your futuristic designs.

They have modern buildings, no money left but still...(Just a thought!)


Lascelles Terrace