Eastbourne is a third class resort

What a shame it is to see that our lovely town, has now degenerated into a third class town, a pale shadow of its former self, particularly at a time when our near neighbours – Hastings with their so positive and pro-active attitude are enjoying a revival of fortunes.

I hear that Hastings have achieved the awarding of a Government Grant which will help with the restoration of their Pier in addition to other projects.

Meanwhile Eastbourne slumbers on. For example : the Congress Theatre, once the focal point and flagship of Eastbourne. How long has it now been shrouded in hoardings? Whatever restoration work being carried out seems to be taking an eternity, is it not time that the works were completed? If The Congress does suffer from major structural defects, maybe our illustrious council should be looking towards Westminster or the Heritage Lottery for the necessary funding to bring this eyesore to a satisfactory conclusion.

• The Wish Tower Restaurant & Sun Lounge – how much revenue is being lost to the council while this once popular visitor and resident location in its dominant prime site lies slumbering with no apparent indication of any progress in the near future, other than the installation of an American style hot dog van.

• The Bandstand tottered into service after the summer season commenced last year following a much needed renovation, but is it structurally sound ?

• The cafeteria adjacent to the bowling green and seafront, to the east of the town, seemed to spend more time last summer boarded up than open to trade, why ?

One wonders what sort of impression this must give of Eastbourne to the visiting tourist/holidaymaker from either home or overseas. With a visit to the town that happens to start from the pier area, there is of course the still beautiful Carpet Gardens, but from there on it is all downhill !

Come on Eastbourne –wakey wakey or are we just happy to slumber on until we become a fourth division town ?


Seven Sisters Road