Eastbourne educational league tables show free schools were a waste of money

There have been issues with allocation of secondary school places
There have been issues with allocation of secondary school places

From: Mark Reid

Pacific Drive,

Sovereign Harbour North

The latest league tables from the department of education make alarming reading if you put your children into the local free school, Gildredge House.

I genuinely feel for the parents in Eastbourne who were duped into thinking smart new uniforms and a pretentious school name would deliver a better education than good and established local schools.

For example, the Cavendish School progress 8 score is ‘above average’ compared to other schools across the UK, yet Gildridge House is bumping along the bottom, ‘below average’ at – 0.28.

Alarmingly, absence from school is also significantly worse at Gildredge House than the UK average.

I’m sure parents at Gildredge House, those with children who are turning up for school, will be asking some searching questions of the senior teaching staff.

It gives me no satisfaction to see that the Conservative Party flight of fancy for free schools has proved the waste of money and resources that so many like myself knew it would be.

It’s just shameful that the millions that went into supporting this vanity project wasn’t invested into local state schools.