Eastbourne could learn from Hastings Seafoood and Wine Festival

WHAT is not happening in Eastbourne, happened in Hastings last weekend. A fantastic, lively and truly enjoyable event – The Seafood and Wine Festival was held around the fishing huts on the seafront.

Hastings was packed with all generations, all nationalities, enjoying not only fish cuisine but all different food cultures.

The little Lanes that are similar to Brighton were buzzing with shoppers and street artists and pirates.

I thought, Hastings was downtrodden and in need of refurbishment and not a place to visit – how wrong could I be!

A new train station without roadworks with conveniently placed buses outside waiting to take you wherever you wanted.

Coming home to Eastbourne I realised it was dead. I think this town is in need of refurbishment and something drastic to stop it dying.

Why can’t we utilise the wasted space of the Redoubt area, based around the fresh fish shops in the space way Hastings has done?

We need shops and eating places for all. Unfortunately Eastbourne caters only for the elderly – that is good, but Eastbourne also needs variety for each generation.

The elderly do not necessarily want to look at other elderly people and think, is that all there is?

Terminus Road, the seafront end, has not changed since I was 10 years old and I am now 60.

The shops have stayed in the 1950s. Could someone with flair and foresight please transform Eastbourne into a vibrant and exciting town and bring us into the 21st century.

Stop the charity shops and £1 shops and rid the town of the culture they bring.

I am a baby boomer brought up in the swinging 60s, please can we have more excitement in our town.

The proposed new shopping centre is a start, but Eastbourne needs other entertainment focused on the seafront area which is stunningly beautiful, but we don’t make the most of it.

My generation do not want just to sit and wait for God.


Willoughby Crescent