Dresden was a legitimate target

THE letter headed Terrible Damage Inflicted on Dresden, sent by Dorothy Forsyth, contains many inaccuracies. The number of deaths as a result the Dresden air raid were between 25,000 and 35,000.

Dresden was a major rail transportation and communication centre. There were at least 127 factories within the city and 50,000 workers supporting the war effort.

These factories were producing amongst other war materials, poison gas, Zeiss Ikon military lenses, and aircraft components.

As to the comments on Coventry, there would have been many more deaths had there been a firestorm as in Dresden.

It should also be remembered that the bombing of Coventry took place in 1940 when the size and effectiveness of bombs was not as potent, in addition the Germans only possessed medium size bombers in no way to be compared with the Lancaster.


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