Dream predicts the future?


From: Geoffrey McCallum

Meadows Road

I was sitting in my conservatory reading Graham Kendall’s letter about “Tax payers are charged twice” (Herald, May 18) with foreboding.

Why is he giving inadvertently our elected councillors ideas?

And then I thought perhaps the local authority should send out a consultation document in the autumn. It could have boxes to tick, for example: Would you be prepared to make a ‘voluntary’ contribution to have the footway outside your property maintained?

As there a few elderly folk in the road who do not drive and the surface is in poor condition, I will give it a tick.

Would you like to cut the highway verge to your satisfaction and when it is convenient? However, if you tick this box you will require public liability insurance which we can arrange for you and add to your community charge for 2019/20. Think I might give it a miss, as it is cut well at least six times a year at the moment, so no tick.

Would you be prepared to make a ‘voluntary’ contribution to have the kerbs, weeds and potholes outside your properly attended to? Thought about it and decided on balance I could put up with it and wait for the local authority to get round to it in their own good time. Again no tick.

Would you be prepared to make a voluntary contribution for a “life time subscription” to keep your local library open? As it is going to be over four miles away soon, I thought I would say no and not tick the box. Then I thought my grandchildren have a library they can walk to, so gave it a tick. Then I woke with a start. It had all been a dream!

I really must stop nodding off after a good Sunday lunch.