Dr Jeffs is on the wrong track

I WAS absolutely dumbfounded by Dr Simon Jeffs’ comments in the Herald last Friday. His claim Southern trains are ‘air conditioned, comfortable and fast’ beggars belief! May I suggest he catches the 07:14 to London Bridge and returns on the 18:23.

These two services are operated with a Gatwick Express cast-off which is late arriving at its destination every day by at least 10 minutes and sometimes by as much as 55 minutes.

Most of the carriages do not have any heating and the toilet facilities are disgraceful.

To add to the daily misery on December 14 half of the lighting was out of operation.

We are seldom given a reason for the late running and an apology is even more rare.

Despite frequent complaints to the onboard staff (some of whom are extremely rude and unhelpful) nothing has been done to improve the situation which has been ongoing for about the past four months.

Some of my travel companions have even written to Stephen Lloyd MP in the hope he may be able to bring some pressure to bear in getting Eastbourne commuters the service they pay for but, to date, nothing has been forthcoming.

I wonder if Dr Simon Jeffs is the same Simon Jeffs who happens to be the editor of Southern’s ‘Live Rail’ magazine?

The long-suffering commuters of Eastbourne are becoming thoroughly fed-up with the atrocious service we are receiving and I hope this letter will prompt somebody at Southern to sit up and give us some answers!

Peter Barton

Harding Avenue