Downs are jewel in the local crown

As a regular stroller in the local downland, I find it odd that Eastbourne Borough Council now wants to ‘advertise Eastbourne as the gateway to the South Downs’ (Herald, July 29).

Personally I think they should have done it years ago; it’s still the same downland except now it’s been tidied up with much of the undergrowth and scrub cut back and it is now a National Park.

Walking towards Shooters Bottom recently much of the grassland had been cut right back almost resembling a sports field.

Perhaps the new guardians of the South Downs should be more wary of the increasing rabbit populations and not keeping the verges clean and tidy.

Unfortunately the one problem that plagues us all, litter, can be found all over the Downs, even off the beaten track; and by being a National Park more visitors means sadly more litter. Sadly some people just don’t care!

A.R. Edwards,

Lewes Road