Double standards from politicians

THE parties of Eastbourne politicians are forcing cuts on the NHS. Then when these cuts come through, local politicians, belonging to these political parties, join the ‘Save the DGH’ march. Hypocrisy or what? Double standards or what?

We have long known the party that wants to destroy the NHS. Now we know both political parties of the Coalition want to destroy the NHS.

They will pretend they do not. But what do you call closing down the A&E service of our community - a community called Eastbourne?

What do you call the closing down of our maternity services? Closing down the trauma and orthopaedics service. Closing down paediatrics. Destroying our emergency surgery. Closing down stroke care. If this is not destroying the NHS what exactly is it?

What are we, the 100,000 inhabitants of Eastbourne, doing to stop these local politicians destroying our NHS?

You have paid for the NHS. You or a loved one may well need a service sooner than you think.

Unless YOU act you may well find next time you need A&E etc it will not be there.

Do you want to bleed to death or suffer needless pain because one of these local politicians is hell bent on destroying your NHS?


Harbour Quay