Donation dilemma

In response to Annemarie Field’s column (Herald, August 19), whilst I totally agree with how tight-fisted some people can be, I would just mention that I was at Airbourne on the Thursday (rather an unfortunate day) and from walking along the seafront from the pier to the Wish Tower and then back again, I had collectors’ tins shaken in front of me numerous times.

I would openly admit I did not contribute the first couple of times as I had no change but once I had made a purchase I then put in my contribution to what I consider a very worthwhile cause.

This did not stop further tins being shaken at myself and other passers-by for the remainder of my time down there. There is only so much you can donate!

Whilst on the subject of Airbourne, it rather annoys me that there is free parking around Eastbourne for the duration when the majority of cars down that way belong to out-of-towners and day trippers.

Most Eastbourne residents wouldn’t even attempt to try and drive their cars down there but simply use public transport (for which there is no concession during Airbourne).

Us residents then pay to park along the seafront for the rest of the year when we want a stroll along the prom. It’s about time residents of Eastbourne had free parking in their own town.

Christine Dunnett

Rowan Avenue.