Don’t use the council tax increase for pensions

After reading the Eastbourne Herald article on January 25 that EBC was going to increase Council Tax I though I must write to you again.

Eastbourne Borough Council are going to increase Council Tax for all people working because of the central government shortfall.

Last year you printed letters of mine regarding Council Tax, when I made the point that Eastbourne council tax payers’ payment should not be used for these gold plated local government pensions.

If there is a short fall that money should be used and not be put in the pension fund. Many councils are also giving top earners a pay cut, because of the short fall, why can’t EBC do the same, or is it the greedy directors and above do not agree with this idea, “that we are all in together.”

Also any staff cuts should be made at the top.

BILL AVIS, Faygate Road.