Don’t understand the hold up

Living as we do on Rattle Road we read the road signs that the water board were about to start work last week and that a complete closure of the road would be necessary.

Road closed signs were but out at Stone Cross and at the junction of Gallows Lane with diversion signs clearly visible.

This has held no fears for many motorists who shoot down the road towards Westham cross roads only to return seconds later when they found that the road really was closed.

To date we have had cars, vans, lorries, coaches and even a caravan being towed (The occupants felt it necessary to unhitch the caravan and turn it manually before hitching up again and driving off with their tail between their legs!).

Why bother to erect signs to say road closed when a percentage of the public don’t imagine it could possibly mean closed to them?

As a neighbour said, perhaps we should erect a sign as they return saying, ‘we told you it was closed’!


Rattle Road, Westham.