Don’t throw away great opportunity

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OPEN letter to Eastbourne Borough Council:

Look at Look at; two contemporary Great British architects.

And then look at the Eastbourne Town Centre Action Plan pictures/designs. See the difference?

I am sure your planners/designers mean well. But inspiring they are not.

Keep looking at Zaha Hadid’s architecture. Keep looking at Norman Foster’s.

Are they inspiring? Do they make you proud to be human? Are they 21st century?

Again look at the architectural designs of the Town Centre Action Plan. Do they uplift the human spirit?

Or do they look much like other dull town centres across Britain? Do they send a tingle down your spine?

Are they something you feel future generations will admire you for, like say, we admire Christopher Wren for St Paul’s?

Do you want to be remembered? Do you want future generations to say of you, ‘Wow what a great man’? Do you want to leave a mark ‘I did this’?

You truly have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be considered a Great Britain. Call in Zaha Hadid. Call in Norman Foster.

Set them a low-fee competition to come up with something that will truly make Eastbourne an inspiringly wonderful town.

We love you dearly but what we are currently being presented with, while well meaning, is truly dull and boring.

Malcolm Rasala

Harbour Quay