Don’t replace the Titanic plaque

With regards to Mr Goldsmith’s nonsense about the need for a new plaque to commemorate the Titanic disaster on the bandstand (Plea to restore Titanic plaque, Herald, August 5), I have a few words to say.

The sculptor of the piece, Charles Godfrey Garrard, was my great grandfather. His daughter Rosalind Bainbridge, 89, has lived in or near Eastbourne her entire life and goes regularly to see the plaque and other pieces of his work around Eastbourne.

We have made a resolution to go to see his plaque on the anniversary of the Titanic disaster and toast its memory – if it is not there we both will be most upset. I also believe the plaque to be a listed piece due to its age.

This plaque stands as a piece of history, created a mere two years after the disaster. Why would you want a 2012 piece of modern art in its place?

Why not use the money to restore the plaque? If this piece is replaced it would be a shame and a crime.

James Lang

Brighton Road, Godalming