Don’t hold your breath over transport in East Sussex

Michael Grant suggested that a “mass campaign” to both the Eastbourne Borough Council and the East Sussex County Council “might concentrate the minds of the bureaucrats” if we complain about the state of the roads and verges.

Can I suggest that from experience of the ESCC over the last year, that in the main any complaint regarding anything on the highway may well elicit a response that action, if justified, will be taken?

You may even receive a written confirmation that work will take place. For example in January 2012, I received an e-mail confirming that works initially started in August 2011 would be completed in early 2012. I am still waiting.

My advice is ‘Do not hold your breath’! The campaign is an excellent idea by the way.

The latest edition of ‘Your County Autumn 2012’ – from the ESCC - has on page 6, a ‘detailed’ response by Cllr Carl Mason to precisely what Michael Grant is referring to as far as carriageways are concerned.