Don’t hide the light under a bushel

Why is Eastbourne so good at hiding its light under a bushel? Recently, I was stopped on the Prom by a couple asking for the Harbour.

In conversation, it turned out that they were from the Midlands and on holiday in Eastbourne for the fourth year running.

They had heard a ‘rumour’ that very day that Eastbourne had a harbour at the end of the Promenade. They said they had walked to the end but had found nothing. So near, yet so far.

Sovereign Harbour is a marvellous asset for the town. How ironic therefore, that the Visit Eastbourne website describes it as ‘our best-kept secret.’ Surely, we need more promotion and better signage so that it becomes our worst-kept secret.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the seafront we are privileged to have the entrance to a new National Park.

However, there is nothing at the foot of Beachy Head to announce the fact to our visitors. I wrote to the National Park Board over a year ago suggesting that signage was a priority. They replied that the matter was under review.

I wrote again recently with the same enquiry, and guess what - still under review. Interestingly, our neighbouring town of Lewes has managed to escape the red tape.

Large signs on the station platform now announce ‘Lewes - Gateway to the South Downs National Park.’ Eastbourne is well-blessed by the Sovereign Harbour and the National Park. So can we please stop being so shy and modest and flaunt ourselves a bit more?


Saffrons Park.