Don’t give up the fight

And so the DGH rollercoaster rumbles on, with the seemingly inevitable ‘temporary’ downgrading of Eastbourne’s maternity and paediatric services.

Stephen Lloyd made a valiant attempt to raise the matter in the House of Commons only to be rebuffed by the minister with the comment that it is a ‘local’ problem! Local, like Leeds, Mid Staffordshire, Haywards Heath, Brighton, Canterbury, Dover etc . Locally our own Selene Edwards is continuing the fight along with others, particularly with numerous Facebook postings and updates, for which we should be eternally grateful. Clearly she and they are not going to give up the fight, and neither will I.

My own six-year-old grandaughter would definitely have been born dead if it was not for the intervention of a consultant surgeon who was on hand when the midwife realised that the cord was around her neck and that she was being strangled during the birthing process.

The surgeon demanded that a theatre be made available there and then and an emergency Caesarian was performed. We are now blessed with a beautiful little girl thanks to all involved.

Needless to say, if a sudden move to Hastings, whether by ambulance or even helicopter had been required due to the lack of available facilities she would not be here today.

Even at this late hour, can I beg those responsible for this downright criminal decision to STOP IT NOW!


Broad Oak Close.