Don’t feed bread to the gulls

As I was stepping out into the garden one morning a large seagull crash-landed a few feet from me.

For a moment I thought it was dead, then it moved and started retching violently until it forced out of it’s beak a large plug of bread, followed by a large quantity of slugs, worms, tiny snails.

Obstruction gone, the bird lay exhausted on one side.

The seagull had obviously eaten a very nutritious meal harvested from rich pickings in the soil before being enticed to gorge itself with bread which caused obstruction distress and vomit.

Eventually the seagull raised to it’s feet and strutted away in “drunken-comico” style.

Please let the seagulls eat slugs and baby snails and fat worms. Bread is not good for them.

Anna H Martin,

Firle Road, Eastbourne