Don’t expect taxpayers’ help

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From: Simon Wood

Desmond Road

Sheik Abid Gulzar writes to this newspaper comparing Eastbourne Pier with Hastings Pier and complaining that Eastbourne Pier does not receive financial support whereas Hastings Pier does receive money.

But he fails to note the major difference between the two piers. Hastings is owned and run by a charity whereas Eastbourne Pier is owned and run by a hotelier who has branded it with his company name ‘Lions’.

As a prominent local businessman Mr Gulzar will undoubtedly have investigated the costs associated with restoring and running the pier before he purchased it.

That research should have told him that, as a privately owned venture, the pier was unlikely to receive substantial support from public funds.

Mr Gulzar has declined to reveal what he paid for the pier so only he can judge if it was a good investment.

Either way it was his decision and his decision alone to buy the pier and take on the associated costs.

He should not expect tax payers and good causes to subsidise him or his privately owned company Lions Pier Limited, of which he is the sole director.