Don’t drop litter, show some pride


From: Sally Hill

Marshfoot Lane, Hailsham

Around this time every year I must confess to getting disproportionately excited about the herald of Spring and am never disappointed.

Dazzling clumps of snowdrops , bursts of yellow with the first daffodils poking their heads through the soil and wonderful birdsong as nature begins to stir. All good so far .... and then .... my excitement shifts to despair as I drive along and witness the complete antithesis of this beauty in the debris strewn verges of seemingly most of the roads leading in to Eastbourne. Not so much a case of “breathe it in as “spew it out”. I can’t imagine that a tourist description saying “come to Eastbourne where you can find colourful litter-strewn highways leading all the way to the seafront” would have much cachet.

It’s certainly not the councils job to pick it up but rather our duty to have a bit more pride in our surroundings and not throw it down!