Don’t cloud Cuckmere Haven in confusion

It is some time since the future of the Cuckmere Valley and the Haven featured in the local press, following the momentous “final” decision-making meeting held in Alfriston in June 2011.

Since then, apart from the birth of the Friends of the Cuckmere the whole issue over the future of the Cuckmere has gone (ominously?) quiet.

I am led to understand that recent meetings of the Cuckmere Estuary Partnership have been repeatedly postponed or cancelled.

There has been a persistent and pervasive attempt to portray the meanders as being a short-term feature in their present state, which will at any time disappear through silting up.

That does not accord to me with their presence in the valley now for well over 150 years.

I visited the Haven recently and was appalled to find the west pathway to the Cottages virtually impassable having been churned up by heavy vehicles.

Despite that even in winter a stream of visitors were keen to visit the site in its present format.

Despite dire threats from the Environment Agency 10 years ago that the sea itself without any intervention would have broken through and reclaimed the valley, the Victorian defences which the EA have neglected for so long are still there doing their original job.

Why on earth could not the seven-figure sums on endless studies, meetings, seminars etc. since then have not been spent instead on a simple programme of maintenance? Seriously we need to have a public statement now from the Cuckmere Estuary Partnership.

This is a primary feature of the South Downs National Park and deserves not to be clouded in confusion as to its future.

BOB BROWN, Ringmer Road, Seaford.