Don’t call me darling - it’s ageism

Ageism, I’m sorry to say, is alive and well in Eastbourne. Along with a high proportion of other residents in this great town of ours, I have now reached bus pass age. Like many of us, I am active, able-bodied and still working.

And I’m puzzled – and angry, at the patronising attitude of some shop assistants and other traders towards us over-60s. There seems to be a compulsion to address us - especially if we happen to be female - with ‘darllng’, ‘sweetheart’ or ‘m’dear’!

This is demeaning and totally unnecessary. You want our custom? Then do us all a favour: ditch the patronising epithets, and start treating us with the same respect as the rest of the population, irrespective of age.

RON GROOCOCK, St Johns Road.