Dog mess bags adorn the bushes

GOING down the Cuckoo Trail today, I thought Christmas had arrived early. The bushes in some places were adorned with different coloured bags resembling baubles.

In fact they were tied bags containing dog mess. Why would anyone go to the trouble of bagging their dog’s mess and tie it to a tree?

I have noticed too that the same occurs on the lane up to the downs from the cafe at Dukes Drive.

The promenade can be an unsightly place at times too and I often wonder why ratepayers money is wasted on the warning signs – pretending people will be fined for dog fouling.

This is a flagrant waste of money and resources. Can anyone tell me the last time somebody was taken to court for and fined effectively for such offences?

On the Cuckoo Trail, continuing the Christmas theme, I also saw what I thought to be large plum puddings on the ground, which turned out to be horse manure, right beside the bridleway on the tarmac path, at varying intervals along the route.

If the responsible dog owners have to take a poopascoop, why shouldn’t horseriders take a shovel, indeed why don’t they stick to the bridle path so their horses defecate in the right place.

After all, it’s surely a lot harder to avoid the huge amount of horse mess than the comparatively smaller amount of dog doings.

What are these supposedly responsible people doing to our environment, do we really care? Are we bothered? Do we want the place to look nice?

I have overheard visitors saying Eastbourne is well-known for dog mess and cyclists riding roughshod.

When cyclists are told about the signs they say they weren’t looking up, so it’s pointed out that it’s written on the ground as well, but some give you abuse.

I have been sitting in the pedestrianised area of Eastbourne while police officers are casually talking to people when cyclists ride by without fear or concern and the police don’t bat an eyelid.

This area could be a much bigger success if the authorities made a few examples of offenders.

I even see bikers riding the wrong way down one way streets. What are the legal implications of an accident?

Come on town council and police, get your finger out and start applying the law for the benefit of residents who pay your wages, and visitors who give lifeblood to the area. I am sure you will now find excuses, but perhaps you should do your job and find some answers.


West Close, Polegate